Mgt was founded in 1998 by the efforts of the two founding partners. The strong point of Mgt since its foundation is the application of the most advanced software, mechanical and electrical technologies in the field of automatic distribution, giving the word “multifunctional” a new meaning.

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The high level of quality of the products made by MGT could only be achieved with the use of new technologies, which MGT has obtained thanks to the historical production through family companies of precision machine tools in the industrial sector.

The main feature in the Automatic Dispensers produced by Mgt is represented by the management of the volumetric gripper with variable management which makes Mgt products very flexible for the management of an infinite number of products that are dimensionally and physically very different from each other. Mgt boasts an installed park of over 4000 robotic cabinets located all over the world.

Another distinguishing feature of the robotic cabinets produced by Mgt is the ability to manage in a completely automatic way the multiple loading and identification operations of products of different sizes and packaging. This functionality is guaranteed thanks to the particular functions of the component called “Raster”.

The technologies, hardware and software, adopted for the realization of the Buster Mgt robotic cabinets offer the possibility to manage different products in different commercial and management items, such as automatic dispensers for the management of the sale and rental of DVDs, X-boxes, Playstations, books, tools, mechanical accessories, individual accident prevention devices, clothing, electronic material, cosmetics, creams, drugs, parapharmaceuticals, medical preparations, bottles, bottles, refrigerated and non-refrigerated foods, and much more (there is no concrete limit).

With the BusterSpid and RoboLogic product, for the distribution of drugs in hospitals and retirement homes, MGT in a few years boasts an installed park of 220 systems throughout Italy in the healthcare sector Thanks to the experience gained in the vending machine sector, MGT offers simple, safe and solid tools to work also in the pharmacy world, with the BusterPharma, MgtPharmaKiosk and RoboLogic products. Mgt, noting its artisan origins, family industrialists started in 1970 specific, designs and manufactures machines for the construction and retreading of OTR tires. Since 2005 MGT Tires division has established itself as a leader, for the excellent quality-price ratio of its products, for the state-of-the-art technology, for the flexibility and customization of machinery and for the continuous research and development work by of the technical department. All this has given MGT Tires the opportunity to quickly become the supplier of some of the largest OTR tire manufacturers in the world.

MGT Srl presents itself as the creator and manufacturer of a wide range of products, in the Hi tech Industrial sectors. The process and the non-stop core of research and development make MGT a dynamic company that points to the future, ready for the challenges and to seize the opportunities that the market will offer in the coming years.